Flight preparations and planning

Early and personalized planning for pet travel is a necessary condition for completing the process of flying successfully and smoothly. This process is challenging and requires different preparation depending on the animal in your possession, as flying a Labrador is different from flying a Pinscher, and these are completely different from flying a cat. Furthermore, the destination country is a significant consideration, and relocating to London requires different planning from relocating to New York or Berlin, for example.

Moreover, we want our pets not only to undergo the flight and the bureaucracy involved in it and entering the destination country safely. Our goal is to ensure their quick and smooth acclimatization in the new country, with the best veterinary services available at their new home, and equipped with information about dog parks, dog walkers, and reliable and recommended cat-sitting services in your area.

Before a flight, each of us feels something different. Some of us love flying, while others need a sleeping pill to survive a few hours in the air. For our pets, there's no question – flying is a particularly unpleasant experience.

We at Pet Passport believe that your pet's flying experience can be greatly improved if equipped with knowledge and appropriate tools. For this purpose, we must carefully choose the most suitable travel crate, get acquainted with accompanying products designed to provide comfort and relaxation for dogs or cats, and ask the right questions such as whether to sedate or not, whether the pet should travel with us or in the cargo hold, and more.

This page offers a variety of articles, posts, and videos that will be updated frequently and will help understand how to make your pet's flying experience as comfortable as possible for them and even for you.

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