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Preparation for flight and smooth landing.

We at Pet Passport team believe that a good flight experience for your pet and for you begins with proper preparation. Therefore, already in our first meeting, we'll sit together and, in addition to all the 'dry' requirements, we'll also go over everything you can do in advance to make it easier for both yourself and your pet later on.

We'll discuss how to prepare your pet for a peaceful time in the flight carrier, how to acclimate them properly to the new environment after landing, and depending on their mental and physical state, our veterinary team can also tailor a therapeutic protocol for relaxation if needed.

We believe that knowledge provides confidence, and we are here to share the extensive knowledge we have gathered on this subject.

With the right preparation for both you and your pet, the day of the flight itself and the period before and after it can become significantly calmer and more relaxed.

The Pet Passport team is available 24 hours a day for emergencies and throughout the day for any questions troubling you regarding your pet.

Flight Documents

Flight documents for international travel can become a complex and challenging journey. At Pet Passport, we aim to ease and facilitate the specific requirements of each country in the field of importing and exporting animals.

We offer you a meticulous and professional service tailored to all bureaucratic needs, required health certificates, and the necessary preparation time for arrival in each destination country. Our team keeps track and updates on all entry requirements for different countries, and whenever there are changes in documents and requirements, we are aware of them in advance and provide you with the latest and accurate information.

We are committed to error-free and uncompromising service. We are ready to accompany you at every stage of the process, from initial planning to the moment you and your pets pass through the country's gates.

We understand that before crossing borders or embarking on a long vacation, your most valuable resource is time. Therefore, we ensure precise and responsible adherence to schedules, so that your pet's flight proceeds as planned, without delays or issues.

We don't just assist during the flight process; we remain available even after the flight, in case of any questions or problems, you can turn to us, and we will assist you.

We work in full cooperation with governmental offices at home and abroad to provide you with the necessary information for travel and to solve any problems that may arise during the process. Handling health certificates, international vaccination records, and special tests are significant parts of our service and specialization.

With our service, you can focus on preparing for your flight, knowing that our team invests considerable effort to make the entire process a pleasant and comfortable experience for you and your pets.

Flight Equipment Adjustment

In the process of flying with pets, owners face the ongoing challenge of adapting equipment to the animals' needs in the best possible way. It's a part that may seem insignificant but is highly significant for your pet's flight experience and adaptation after the flight.

The dilemma between using a carrier or a crate has become a central question in the field, and our service helps you tackle this challenge to provide you and your pets with the best flight experience.

Our team will assist you in dealing with the complex question - carrier or crate? Each type of equipment comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so we keep track of the latest possibilities and advancements in technology aimed at ensuring minimal stress for your pet.

We focus on precise matching of bedding, food, and water so that your pets experience the flight in a pleasant and calm manner. In the planning process, we place great emphasis on your pets' comfort and daily habits. This approach provides a good and safe experience for both parties - for you and for your pets.

Our expert team has extensive experience in the field, so we can ensure you receive the most professional advice and service. We know how to deal with various challenges and find personalized solutions for each customer.

We not only specialize in equipment adaptation but also provide veterinary consultation and care by specialists in the field. Thus, we ensure that your pets are in the best condition before, during, and after the flight.

Your pet's safety and well-being are our top priority. We aim to prevent any sense of insecurity by ensuring the safety and calmness of your pets on their journey abroad.

Flight Arrangement Handling

In the intricate arrangement of flying with animals, we can assist you in handling flight arrangements for your pets and for you with the aim of minimizing any potential issues that may arise during this journey and even relieving you, the loving owners of flying pets, of this burden. We execute this action through several channels:

Liaison with Travel Agents:
Our flight arrangement service includes direct liaisons with travel agents to provide you with a smooth and pleasant flight experience. We go over all necessary arrangements and stay updated on any last-minute changes to ensure everything proceeds smoothly as expected without any glitches.

For straightforward destinations, we provide assistance in booking flights, purchasing tickets, and checking ideal flight routes for both you and your pets. For more complex destinations, consideration of the needs of family members and pets is crucial. With a deep understanding of bureaucratic processes, we make bookings, arrangements, and whatever is necessary to ensure the best flight and arrival experience.

Complex Flight Destinations:
When dealing with more complex destinations, typically beyond the European Union, there's engagement with foreign offices and airlines that adhere to specific regulations and requirements. This is where our flight experience becomes a significant advantage, and we provide in-depth knowledge of pet travel requirements in different countries.

Consultation and Personalized Matching Service:
Our advisory team deals with professional recommendations and answers to questions regarding flying with animals. Every piece of relevant information in the field assures a minimum of issues upon arrival at the destination.

Your and your pet's security assurance is of utmost importance to us, and therefore, we commit to providing you with professional and safe service for your animals.

Veterinary services

Medical examination is a requirement of every country to which we fly with our pet.

During our medical examinations, we achieve two main objectives:

  1. Ensure that your pet is in good health condition, and that the flight will not endanger its health.
  2. Ensure that your pet meets all the requirements of your destination country to eliminate any chance of entry refusal upon your arrival.

After the medical examination, our veterinarian will be able to confirm that the requirements have been fulfilled and sign the medical documents in the flight folder prepared for you.

This service, carried out by our veterinarians, allows us to fulfill all your needs for flying with your pet under one roof, ensuring full coordination between the medical team responsible for the medical aspect and the flight advisors responsible for the bureaucratic and organizational side.

Medical Support for Veterinary Centers Worldwide:
In Pet Passport, our professional veterinary team maintains continuous contact with major veterinary centers worldwide. Through this connection, we can receive professional advice and expert opinions from specialists in every veterinary field. If necessary, we can also arrange medical flights for advanced treatment when it's not available in Israel.

In cases requiring close medical supervision during the flight, we can also offer personal veterinary assistance who will ensure the stabilization and treatment of your pet throughout the process before, during, and after arrival at the destination.

Flying pets without owners present

Flying pets without their owners is a complex but not impossible task, and in certain cases, it's even necessary. This task requires deep knowledge and a serious approach to the smallest details. Within our unique service, we provide professional and efficient service aimed at providing pet owners with the best experience during the flight.

In the intricate process of flying pets without their owners, the pet is referred to as "official cargo" and their flight involves exceptional requirements. In our service, we implement all the necessary knowledge at our disposal to deal with each of these requirements, ensuring the rights of the pet owners and their legal status throughout the flight process.

Bringing pets without their owners requires professional organization. We can guide you through all the processes, from planning the route, purchasing tickets, to arranging for the presence of your pets at the airport.

In our service, we start by communicating with the airline company and government offices during the planning stage. At this stage, we ensure to obtain approvals and deal with any changes or issues that arise in real-time. We maintain open and available communication with you to ensure that everything proceeds as planned.

Most owners cannot navigate through this complex process on their own. Our service is not just advisory; it's a vital tool for trouble-free flying. Thus, we guarantee professional work that will enable you to have a pleasant and straightforward flight, knowing that your beloved pets will arrive at their destination safely and securely.

Medical Escort Service for Flights

Unable to fly with your pet? Have you already taken off, and your stay is prolonged, wishing to reunite with your beloved companion? Pet Passport's team is delighted to assist you in flying directly with your cherished pet.

Within our assistance, our team, comprised of veterinarians, technicians, flight advisors, and specialists, ensures to accompany your pet to your destination from the homeland.

Furthermore, at Pet Passport, we collaborate with a skilled travel agency proficient in flight procedures and various airlines. Through us, you can make reservations with any airline for your pet and your entire family.

Moreover, we can advise you on which airlines are the most pet-friendly and recommended for traveling with pets, and where you can receive the best service.

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