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Our goal is to simplify the process and make it convenient and pleasant for both you and your furry companion.

We believe that with our knowledge and the expertise of our professional team, which includes experienced veterinarians and flight advisors, we can assist you in flying with peace of mind.

Throughout the process, we provide counseling, guidance, and take care of all the bureaucratic aspects involved in the process in both Israel and the destination country.

At Pet Passport, we are committed to ensuring the well-being of your pet. We provide professional advice, guide you through post-landing care, and advise on the adaptation of your pet to the new environment.

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For 13 years, we have been accompanying customers together with their pets, from the planning stage of the flight, through preparations, until landing and acclimation in the new country.

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Early planning

The early and personalized planning for pet transportation is essential for a successful and smooth process.

Comprehensive relocation services for all family members
Relocating pets is not an easy process for our little friends. Familiar scents, sights, and sounds form the foundation of security for every pet.
Airline Instructions Regarding Pet Carriers
Our pet's travel crate should be as comfortable and spacious as possible, that's clear. When we choose a travel crate, we are essentially deciding in which class our pet will fly...
When should I start preparing for flying with a pet?
In a perfect world, flying with a pet would be a very simple matter - we would buy a pet carrier, take our little friends with us to the airport, have a joint check-in, and even request a window seat for them...

New life

The adjustment of pets in the destination country can be difficult and slow, or it can be a great opportunity for new and exciting experiences. It all depends on us and the information we have when arriving at our new home.

Hand in hand support and commitment to 100% accuracy
in all stages of the process
Leave details and we will contact you as soon as possible

We thought
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In recent years, due to global concern over the transmission of infectious diseases originating from animals, various countries around the world have begun to tighten their policies regarding the entry of pets into their territory. Additionally, the European Union's requirements for member states currently necessitate a series of approvals and checks before allowing pets into their territory.

Complicated? Not necessarily. The key to success in the pet flying process is knowledge and timing.

Knowledge - It's important to know in advance all the current requirements in the destination country. Flying with a pet without all the necessary documents and approvals may result in the pet being denied entry to the country.

Timing - Since some of the required tests (such as laboratory tests) take time and some countries require waiting time after vaccinations, it is recommended to start the flying process about 6 months before the scheduled date to avoid unnecessary pressure and the postponement of the departure date in some cases.

The preparation time for a flight varies depending on the destination country. Preparing to fly with pets to the United States does not take as long as flying with pets to Europe, Asian countries, or countries in South America. Regardless of the destination, it is recommended to start preparing at least 4 months in advance. It may take less time in some countries, but it should be noted that there are countries where preparation should begin 8 months before the transfer.

Obtaining a passport for a dog/cat is different from getting a regular passport. Typically, when you want to fly with a pet, meaning the pet needs to travel from one country to another, certain bureaucratic requirements must be met within a limited timeframe. It is possible to obtain a passport for European countries that allow easy movement between countries within Europe, but to do so, the pet owner needs to meet specific medical and bureaucratic requirements.

Preparations for flying with a pet vary from country to country and depend on the type of pet. Flying with a dog is not the same as flying with a cat, and flying to Europe is not the same as flying to the United States. There are variables such as the method of transportation, different medical requirements, and the flight route that affect the preparation of the pet for the flight. For dogs, it is recommended to have a valid rabies vaccination and a microchip as a starting point, while for cats, it depends on the destination country. There are bureaucratic and medical requirements that vary from country to country, as well as procedures that need to be taken with the destination country in certain countries.

They say that old age is not a disease 🙂 As long as the pet does not suffer from specific medical problems, there is no reason not to fly it. All the pets we fly undergo a thorough veterinary examination by one of the doctors on our medical team, ensuring that the pet is fit to fly and will not be harmed during the journey.

When it comes to flying animals abroad, there are varying medical requirements from country to country. Some countries will require a health certificate with an updated vaccination record, while others will demand more comprehensive examinations. Fortunately, our flight advisors are up to date with all the requirements of destination countries and will be happy to ensure you have everything you need for the flight.

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